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Facebook Canvas

Creating Facebook Canvas ads: step-by-step guide | The Digiterati – great step-by-step guide by Marie Page. Facebook Canvas. Facebook Canvas are full screen mobile adverts.

Facebook Officially Launches Canvas Ads That Load Full-Screen Rich Media Pages In-App | TechCrunch – Instant Articles, meet Instant Ads. Facebook wants to give advertisers an immersive way to reach people without making them leave the social network


Is Taking Yahoo Private An Option? | MediaPost – does it make sense taking Yahoo private? – Probably yes, getting the activist shareholders off the company’s back would have benefits. All be it ending up with a highly leveraged business. Does it make sense to have the current team do it? That’s a much trickier call to make, there is a strong argument to say no. But you would struggle to find a qualified management team who could step up to take it on

Morgan Stanley Marks Down Its Stake In Palantir, Dropbox – Fortune – not terribly surprising clipping of the unicorns. Palantir seems to be a solution looking for a problem. This is a common issue with enterprise software. Given its defence connections and the need for extensive consultancy and software one has to wonder about breakout use cases


The Information Revolution’s Dark Turn – Tech – GovExec.com – interesting article discussion on whether technology frees us or dominates us

Kiddle – Ask Jeeves mark II? Will Kiddle finally be the people to get natural language search to work well consistently?

Reactions: Not everything in life is Likable — Facebook Design — Medium – interesting breakdown in methodology


Warner Bros to buy Korean-focused DramaFever – BBC News – they have been taking a kicking from Viki (Korean based) owned by Rakuten

Most Germans Think the Press Is Lying to Them About Refugees – SPIEGEL ONLINE – as if the media doesn’t have enough on its plate, a lack of belief in its core proposition could kill it entirely. More German related topics here


Demand for heat pipes for smartphones may emerge – DigiTimes – suggests a lack of die size and power saving improvements. Interesting technology through. Will heat pipes for smartphones reduce the localisation of heat on shells and how will cases affect their efficacy?

Web of no web

【双语】Shenzhen pilots vehicle ID chips 深圳八类车上将安装“电子车证” – The chips will be installed in 200,000 vehicles in Shenzhen-mostly commercial vehicles and public buses-and allow officers to access vehicle data