Jun Watanabe + more things

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Jun Watanabe and Nigo

A Japanese TV vignette from 1997 featuring the dons of Japanese streetwear Jun Watanabe and Nigo.

Jun Watanabe has worked since 1984 for Comme des Garçons. He puts out four collections a year and is famous for structured clothing using technical materials. He has done collaborations with Nike, The North Face, Reebok and Carhartt (Work In Progress).

Ten principles of good design (not)

A classic example of progress not being better. Tobias Van Schneider revisited Dieter Rams ten principles of good design and bastardise it with current digital design practices. It is soul destroying in nature.

Fast love

A half hour edit of George Michael’s Fast Love. It reminded me of the way DJs and producers used to make extended edits of disco records to keep the dance floors moving. That was the origin of the 12″ single and the art of beat mixing. Digital now allows these edits be done for a long, long time, rather than being restricted to the theoretical 20 minutes of a side on a 12″ single.

This 30-minute version of Fast Love is truly epic check it out.

Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons

Louis Vuitton have been on fire recently. Their Master collaboration with Jeff Koons pokes fun at classic art. It riffs on some of Koons’ signature art pieces based around his balloon inspired metal sculpture.

Really nice piece of augmented reality marketing with a virtual cosmetics app to sell make-up.

And then there is the collab collection with Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment Design. Fujiwara’s Fragment Design is more like a consulting designer than a traditional streetwear label. Previously Fujiwara was a musician and founded one of the early streetwear labels Goodenough. More related content here.