Mosby + other things

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Mosby is a long haired Belgian shepherd. His owner put together a monologue and some carefully curated footage to come with simply great content. Mosby’s Motto is deceptively simple. I imagine that it required a lot of raw candid footage that was then skilfully edited down into this two-minute video. The copywriting around Mosby also taps into popular themes around YOLO and follow your passion 

Wrestling vs. rap

The hyperbole of wrestling commentary with the rhymes of Snoop Dogg, it sounds like a marriage made in heaven right?

Leica manufacturing

I am a sucker for manufacturing and process videos. This video by Richard Seymour (not the Richard Seymour, design god and the talented one in SeymourPowell, but a similarly named photographer) on how Leica turns out its M-series cameras

Verbing Velcro

Velcro using humour to make a serious point about their brand IP. They challenge that Velcro faces is the degree to which their name ‘verbs’ as Faris Yakob would put it. Think about the way people might label their pet a ‘velcro’ dog because it sticks with them all the time. Velcro has been used as a synonym for clingy. All of this is great for marketing, bad for legal affairs.

Greg Wilson

This week I have mostly been listening to Greg Wilson. Wilson was one of the first DJs at The Hacienda and has been doing great productions for the last decade. This mix of early house classics surprised me a little because of his programming style (what he chose to play, the order and how he segued between the tracks). Wilson’s style was much more akin to that of the disco era DJs – it was all about the smooth flow, less about taking people on a journey or driving the dance floor in a more kinetic style and it caused me to re-listen to tracks that I have been familiar with for the best part of three decades. The context of Wilson’s had shifted them so fundamentally. More related content here.