Reuse, reedit, remix and recycle

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Reuse, reedit, remix and recycle a minimum viable campaign

I have been working on a couple of briefs over time that have suddenly seen budgets cut quite dramatically. It’s often a struggle to pare the list of requirements back to a minimum viable campaign.

One thing that tends not to happen too often is seeing the reuse, reedit, remix and recycle of assets effectively.

Reuse, reedit, remix and recycle for international campaigns

I saw the principles of reuse, reedit, remix and recycle being used more often in international campaigns. Some brands like Mars have looked to do reuse, by spending a lot of time aligning their brands across markets. In the UK and Ireland, consumers of a certain age will remember the migration of Marathon bars to become Snickers and Opal Fruits to become Starburst a decade later.  The principles of reuse, reedit, remix and recycle was incorporated into thinking at Unilever making TV ae lssets more easily localised in different countries including adapting end slides and one shot for culturally appropriate product uses.



But perhaps the best example I can recall was one that used to show repeatedly on cable TV when I was in the final year of my degree. I would have the TV on in the background, whilst I slowly but steadily cranked out my final year series of assignments and essays.

BreathAsure seemed to have given their London advertising agency very little to work with, but this cheeky voiceover turned the ad around and was an insiders nod to how awful the original American creative was. I am guessing that this probably would not have passed muster if it needed sign off by an American global marketing supremo.

In case you’re wondering what ever happened to BreathAsure, it seems that soon after this ad campaign originally ran Warner-Lambert took them to court in the US regarding their product claims. More marketing related content here.