Richard Nixon deep faked + more things

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Amazing deep fake video of Richard Nixon based on the script written for a failed Apollo 11 moon landing. It’s the end of history as we know it. The deep fake video of Richard Nixon has some advantages, notably the relatively low resolution of recordings, Nixon’s distinctive voice and the amount of audio and video to work from to train the system.

The Coming Political Restrictions on Chinese Outbound Travel – The Diplomat – lots of foreign destinations will be breathing a collective sigh of relief. This is also a move to increase domestic consumption. The move to make Hainan a playground for China’s rich is also designed to reduce the amount of tax free luxury purchases abroad.

How to shop for men: Why so many guys are uncomfortable with the whole idea of receiving gifts.So why do you think it’s so hard for men to articulate things that they want? I think it’s in part because they’re not conditioned to talk about what they need and what makes them happy. I do think that’s a big part of it. And so as a result, it expands from everything. From health care, and not talking about that, all the way through down to the somewhat mundane or trivial things in life—like a gift. – insightful stuff on gifting and obligations

Tycoon Li Ka-shing says he is getting used to ‘punches’ HKEJ Insight – interesting especially given the district council elections Beijing is going to need the tycoons to deliver interest group votes.

“Which?” have been in the news this week (reaching the BBC news homepage even), criticising Black Friday Deals, yet here they are promoting | Twitter via ThreadReaderApp – Dan Barker on the ethically dubious tactics of Which magazine over Black Friday deals. An interesting dilemma – great digital marketing, but the values are against their brand.