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Five for Friday – but late

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The problem with pattern matching or prejudice by another name

Singaporean telecoms firm SingTel does adverts that focus on traditional family roles and often run into unintended consequences. For instance take this advert / meditation on snowflake gen-z

Jaguar launched its F-Type with this video – it taps into the nostalgia for Hot Wheels and reminded me of Honda’s cogs advert

Pablo Escobar’s family doesn’t strike me as the kind of progeny that you’d get tech gadgets from. Apparently Elon Musk’s Boring Company copied their previous product – a tech bro friendly flamethrower. Now they’ve come back with a foldable smartphone. The video has the kind of misogynist excess of the Michael Mann- produced TV series Miami Vice.

Finally, The New Yorker has an amazing profile of William Gibson. How William Gibson Keeps His Science Fiction Real. Well worth an hour of your time. The timing of the interview is to match the launch of Gibson’s latest book Agency.