Sony Walkman ads + other things

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An amazing collection of advertising for the Sony Walkman from 1979/80 – 1990. These were Japanese domestic market adverts. They are chock of full of creativity in them. TV advertising seems to have been much more prevalent in Japan for the Sony Walkman. I would imagine that the adverts also had a halo effect on the Sony brand.

By comparison this US market advert for the Sony Walkman is much more what I would have expected. Though it interesting that Sony did a 30 second TV spot for a particular model. The Sony WM-10 ‘Super Walkman’ was the smallest cassette Walkman that Sony ever made.

It’s like a consumer electronics equivalent of a Faberge egg, as illustrated by this service video.

While we’re on the subject of media players. French anime blogger Catsuka put together this amazing player of over 5,000 short films, adverts and music videos that draw on anime techniques.

This cajun track by Blind Uncle Gaspard sounds more Bob Dylan than Dylan himself. The first time I heard it, it gave me goosebumps. The recording was apparently made on March 5, 1929 in New Orleans. Alcide Gaspard aka Blind Uncle Gaspard released five shellac records before he died. All were recorded in a few sessions in 1929 in Chicago and New Orleans. He died eight years later.

Some recordings of his work have appeared throughout the years. Folk archivist Harry Smith released a recording in 1952 on the album The Anthology of American Folk Music of La Danseuse. Lan Danseuse was played with violinist Delma Lachney, whom Gaspard was known to perform with. His records didn’t sell when he was alive and it took decades for his work to reach a wider audience.

Ogilvy’s DAVID have been doing a good deal of work tapping into gaming audiences for Burger King. This has had mixed results with the King of Stream campaign attracting a lot of negative attention. Burger King and DAVID seem to be focusing on the low cost of impressions, rather than a brand action. This is the latest case study that they have put online.

One comment on the video stood out for me though:

I picked Steve O as my under dog team without knowing this, i only found out today when a mate showed me lol

YouTube user BADBOY

How long can Burger King continue to mine gaming as a source of ‘cheap marketing’?

Finally, I found this ‘making of’ video for a giant prototype nixie tube fascinating. Nixie tubes display numbers using cold cathode technology (fluorescent light bulbs). They are gloriously intricate which is shown in this video where they attempt to make a giant prototype.