Age of Ultron + more things

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Age of Ultron

The latest trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron looks like a CGI feast for the retinas. Age of Ultron is part of the Marvel arc planned out for the next few years. The main protagonist Ultron was originally created by Tony Stark and then went ‘Skynet’ which is where the Age of Ultron picks up the story. More on the Marvel universe here.


Amazing documentary by Pitchfork on French musician and producer Cerrone. Cerrone pioneered electronic disco, influencing electro, Italo-disco and house music. The Cerrone ‘sound’ first came together in his track Love in C Minor. Supernature saw him replace orchestra elements with electronic sounds and the rest as they say is history. Cerrone went on to sell charting disco records, film sound tracks and live shows. His records have been highly sampled in hip hop culture. You can find more culture related stuff here.

Range Rover Evoque

I am not particularly impressed by the Range Rover Evoque convertible but I did like this trip through the central London section of Crossrail. It has got a James Bond movie feel to the video, which is fitting given the tie in that the brand has had with the Bond franchise films featuring Daniel Craig.

Valuation: four lessons to take away

Aswath Damodaran, “Valuation: Four Lessons to Take Away” – on company valuations is a fascinating talk to have on in the background while you work away. 

Learning how to learn

A great presentation that I wish I had seen at college on the skill of learning. I had to learn a lot of these lessons by trying and working out what seemed to work for me. 

The idea of going back and forwards in modes is very interesting in order to help learning. The neural scaffold needs to be built over time.