Burberry turnaround + more things

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Jing Daily: Burberry’s plan to turn it around in Hong Kong – go local –  it makes sense that Burberry comes up with designs that better suit the humid subtropical climate of Hong Kong and southern China. Burberry has China as its biggest market Getting Hong Kong right is mission-critical for Burberry. More related posts here.

Human Curation Is Back | Monday Note – The limitations of algorithmic curation of news and culture has prompted a return to the use of actual humans to select, edit, and explain. Who knows, this might spread to another less traditional media: apps.

Is consciousness an engineering problem? – Michael Graziano – Aeon – interesting questions around artificial intelligence

Intel chief raises doubts over Moore’s Law – FT.com – while Intel’s enduring pace of innovation has “disproved the death of Moore’s Law many times over”, the time between each new generation of microprocessor has widened.

Boeing Patents Laser Nuclear Fusion Jet Engine – IEEE Spectrum – starred as most of the engine room in the most recent Star Trek movie

China’s Xiaomi Building Patent ‘War Chest’ | Re/code – this makes sense as it will also benefit Xiaomi in China for dealing with Qualcomm

The Next Wave | Edge.org – slowing rate of technological progress: Moore’s Law seems to have hit a problem, robotics like artificial intelligence is making very slow progress

Apple Waits as App Developers Study Who’s Buying Its Watch – The New York Times – interesting how many app developers are struggling to envisage a good user experience through the Apple Watch

Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao: The trolls are winning the battle for the Internet – The Washington Post – interesting take on the state of trolling online

Crimson Hexagon Now Offers Access To Tumblr Firehose | Marketing Land – are they still outrageously expensive?

Best Practices: What Is the Optimal Length for Online Video? | Advertising Age – maybe it isn’t about length of time but quality of content?

The socio-economic contribution of European shopping centres | ICSC – 90% of sales still occur in physical locations (PDF)

What’s With All The Yoga Pants? | Fast Company – some interesting consumer insights into the American market. Yoga pants are an interesting crossover design in a way that Jane Fondaesque lycra isn’t

Q&A: Martin Sorrell on innovation in China – Campaign Asia – nice write-up with Martin Sorrell on the Chinese market