Samsung and de GRISOGONO + more

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Samsung and de GRISOGONO Make Baselworld Tick to Luxury Smart Time | Samsung Newsroom – a bit crass looking. Samsung and de GRISOGONO follows on from past luxury deals that Samsung and LG have done with brands like Prada. Those deals were just brand engineering to ‘premiumise’ phones – a bit like Huawei’s deal with Porsche Design now. It will be interesting to see if Samsung and de GRISOGONO come up with something that meets the needs of both brands

Technology Isn’t Enough to Empower Employees, Even in a Digital World | HBR – CIOs and business managers are lagging – yep, sounds about right

E-commerce Gets Its Own Consumer Price Index | FastCompany – at first blush this looks like a PR stunt, however if it isn’t and market analysts pick it up, it could be very interesting

Here are the winners and losers of an Instagram algorithm | Digiday – Instagram moving from a stream to algorithm is inevitable, but changes the game

Ferragamo works to stall Chinese counterfeiting with RFID microchip technology | Luxury Daily – a step up from the usual hologram

Here’s why ‘Straight Outta Compton’ had different Facebook trailers for people of different races – just wow

Waffle – Social Media – Android Apps on Google Play – not sure that there is a market for them, particularly in the face of well entrenched domestic Korean and international competition

Julie Rubicon – interesting bit of Facebook Analytics based fiction

Apple reveals new details of data centres in China – – Apple received requests from the Chinese government for data on more than 4,000 devices during the first half of last year, and complied with three-quarters of the requests. By comparison, Apple received more than 9,000 requests from the US during the same period.

Facebook News Feed – Our goal with News Feed is to show you the stories that matter most to you every time you visit Facebook. – nicely done

Metronome Card in Google Search – I love this Google hack

Steve Jobs: The Next Insanely Great Thing | WIRED – interview from 1996 when Jobs was pimping WebObjects (NeXT’s great web development software platform)

China Criticizes Subsidized Ride-Hailing Apps As Anti-Competitive – Slashdot – expect Uber in court at some point soon

Ransomware: Chinese Hackers belived to be responsible for some attacks | BGR – the interesting thing about this is how ‘cyber weapons’ – the tools these hackers are using have effortlessly moved from the government to private sector. Something to think about with backdoor techniques etc

Hong Kong Police hunt for social gurus to deepen their online presence | Marketing Interactive – they’ve hit a couple of off-notes in their social presence on Facebook, good to see that they’re looking to address it

Financial Cryptography 2016 | Light Blue Touchpaper – great live blog of event

Closer ties ‘will benefit not hinder’ Hong Kong: top Chinese official lashes Moody’s credit downgrade | South China Morning Post – not really much ‘how it will benefit’ in this response more knee jerk rhetoric – letting the story get away from them

Peerio – interesting encrypted messaging platform with cloud message storage. I have no idea what their business model is though

Twitter has changed. Get over it | The Drum – its about the passive audiences consuming tweets on and off network (like Siri). Reminds me a lot of Weibo consumer behaviour. The question is whether the shareholder sentiment will tear things up – which is where I was thinking when I wrote – The Trouble With Twitter

Step-by-step guide: Switch from Evernote to OneNote without losing a thing | SiliconAngle – interesting that Microsoft is going after Evernote

A New Weapon for Battling Cellphones in Theaters: Laser Beams | – laser pointers have been used for years as disciplinary devices at many of China’s leading performance halls, including the National Center, the Shanghai Oriental Art Center and the Shanghai Grand Theater. (paywall)

Deutsche Telekom takes aim at AWS with launch of new public cloud service | TelecomTV – Huawei components in a European cloud or an American cloud that’s insecure by FBI design? For many a tough call

Optics See 56G Demos at OFC | EE Times – working to define requirements for 56Gbps electrical interfaces over various electrical reaches with multiple modulations to enable the next generations of data communications equipment.  Today’s growing array of computing and communications applications drives the need for multiple electrical interfaces that optimize latency, reach, power, cost, etc.

Smart Glasses May Replace Smartphones | EE Times – according to the Game Developers Conference at least

Quoted: Anonymous calls for ‘total war’ against Donald Trump | SiliconBeat – it kicks off on April 1, 2016

Here Maps drops support for Windows Phone and Windows 10 | The Verge – this doesn’t mean that Microsoft won’t cook something up itself based on HERE data

Why YouTube Is a More Important Platform Than Snapchat for Luxury Brands | Adweek – it makes sense for telling longer luxury heritage stories and providing immersive experiences

Using Neuroscience to explore How Advertising Works: Building Brands in the Brain by Fuguitt and Stipp for The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) (PDF)

IBM iX global leader Paul Papas interview – For two years running, IBM’s Interactive Experience (iX) division has been named the largest digital-agency network in the world

Strong encryption, weak encryption, plus Obama on finding ‘balance’ | SiliconBeat – Fatemeh Khatibloo, an analyst for Forrester Research who focuses on privacy, told SiliconBeat in an email Monday that “the seemingly rational case made by the president simply doesn’t square with reality.”