Galloway on Louis Vuitton & more

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Section 4’s Scott Galloway on Louis Vuitton. Professor Scott Galloway talks about the way Louis Vuitton has re-engineered its business to handle the modern luxury consumer consumer’s needs and tastes.

Modern consumers are younger and based in Asia rather than the traditional older luxury purchasers in Europe and the US. This has meant that digital became more important, as had casual luxury over formal luxury.

All of that innovation was extended by Louis Vuitton with streetwear type drops rather than seasons. Shops are a brand experience in their own right. Including online games and pop-up Instagrammable stores. They focused on products that can be driven into the market faster with an agile supply chain.

Casual styling allows you to go to smaller goods with a lower price point and replaceable more often.

The line between streetwear and luxury has been blurred. More on luxury related issues here.

A great mix of the hits of European disco producer Daniel Bangalter (Vangarde). Daniel Bangalter started with a husband and wife team, writing and producing their songs. Around this time, he partnered up with Jean Kluger. Their first project was a pseudo Japanese band called the Yamasuki Singers. It was the early 1970s and a bit strange. Kluger and Bangalter then went on to produce Ottowan including D.I.S.C.O. They also produced the Gibson Brothers song Cuba. You can hear the influence of his sound (and probably at least some of his studio equipment) in the Daft Punk sound.

Daft Punk includes his son Thomas Bangalter. Apparently Daniel helped Daft Punk when they were starting out.

Mark Ritson on 50 years of Effies. Some of the content is as worth watching as listening to Ritson’s commentary.

Scott Galloway on online business. Some interesting points here

Fabio Wibmer does to the Austrian city of Wien (Vienna) what Bullit did to San Francisco.