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Signal privacy orientated messenger

Signal has become a popular messaging clients among my contacts for privacy orientated messaging. I’ve shared this guide a number of times, so I thought I would share it here. More on Signal messaging here. I use Signal on my phone and my desktop computer, both of which are an integrated experience.


FISCAL YEAR 2020 a great report by the UD Department of Defence – a U.S. business climate that has favored short-term shareholder earnings (versus long- term capital investment), deindustrialization, and an abstract, radical vision of “free trade,” without fair trade enforcement, have severely damaged America’s ability to arm itself today and in the future. Our national responses – off-shoring and out-sourcing – have been inadequate and ultimately self-defeating – punchy, but I don’t see much attention being paid to it (PDF)

The Times view on institutions’ ties with China: Academic Decoupling | Comment | The Times – overall change in UK stance across elites

Germany to help Europe invest ‘billions’ in chip manufacturing 

Quad’ nations sign up for meta think-tank to advance ‘Techno-Democratic Statecraft’ • The RegisterUniversities and think tanks from Australia, the USA, Japan, and India have come together in a new group that together hopes to advance discussions on the intersection of information technology, regional security, and internet freedom. Dubbed the “Quad Tech Network”, the group is managed by the National Security College at The Australian National University, an organisation backed by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


China issues new anti-monopoly rules targeting its tech giants | Reuters – interesting how the global temperament turning against technology and e-tailing

China Blocks Clubhouse App After Brief Flowering of Debate – The New York TimesAt times, the conversation went off the rails, as when one man who identified as Taiwanese chimed in to curse out mainland Chinese people, before quickly signing off. But for the most part, users said that the app’s use of moderators and real-time voice sharing promoted a civility and intimacy lacking on other popular social media platforms like Twitter and its Chinese equivalent, Weibo. – interesting given its reputation for racism and sexism

Clubhouse is now blocked in China after a brief uncensored period | TechCrunch – they were a bit slow, obviously some of China’s project Golden Shield people need to reflect on their shortcomings.


PRWeek poll: A third of PR businesses predict Brexit revenue hit | PR Week“First, whereas previously the UK would always be the gateway for new entrants to the European market, we’re now seeing Germany emerge on par as the primary entry point. Historically, Germany would almost always be the secondary priority after the UK, then followed by France, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. “Second, we’ve seen clients proactively ask to have multinational teams lead their account in Europe, as opposed to the traditional approach of having a UK-led European approach. In our mind, this is because the UK no longer has the same authority to lead. “This is one of the softer impacts of Brexit in terms of the UK’s perceived influence and leadership in the region.” Mark Pinsent, managing director of The Hoffman Agency Europe, has also noticed a trend for UK-based clients to “explicitly tell us that they’re keen to be positioned as European companies rather than UK”. “That can be tricky if they’re headquartered in the UK [or] don’t have a significant presence on mainland Europe,” he said. “It’ll be interesting to see whether, over time, the UK becomes less of a priority market for international businesses looking to market in Europe… certainly for UK-founded start-ups, I could see it accelerating their need to have EU-based businesses.” – the psychology of the UK’s diminished image is fascinating


Kaffeine | Rave culture and specialty coffee a comparison – nice verbal history of the Australian wave of London specialty coffee shops. It is interesting to see how specialty coffee went mainstream over time

Luxury & streetwear

New Balance wins $3.9m in damages from China logo copycats | Financial TimesThe two defendants, Fujian-based footwear maker New Barlun and its distributor Shanghai Shiyi Trade, have expanded quickly in China’s smaller cities and sold knock off shoes at below half the price of New Balance. – Damages are still pretty low, only 2.5m pounds or so

Luxury’s Involvement in Resell Could Be the Beginning of the End – I had written about peak streetwear a while ago