Asian archive footage + more stuff

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Asian archive footage

I have noticed a lot of b-roll from Japan on YouTube. This seems to have expanded to a wider category of Asian archive footage.

Here’s some footage of the 1970s and 1980s in Japan. This is interesting because it doesn’t seem to be broadcast quality footage and at least some of it was shot by an amateur cameraman.

My latest Asian archive footage discovery was footage from Taiwan. Taiwan was a wider economic powerhouse before the opening up of China. This footage was shot during the 1980s and 1990s. The first thing that struck me the influence on Taiwanese modern culture of Japan (like baseball). But the traditional Chinese culture is still better preserved than anywhere on the mainland and probably even more so than Hong Kong and Singapore.

Russian economics

Perun was a gaming channel that pivoted into making thoughtful analysis videos on different aspects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This video covers the economic impact. TL;DR – war creates a huge amount of economic value destruction. It is well worth a watch as Perun does some great analysis.

Shortcut to scratching

I wish I had this video 30 years ago. DJ Shortcut of The Invisibl Skratch Piklz and World Famous Beat Junkies breaks down scratching techniques.

Chinese invasion of Taiwan

Chris Cappy provides an interesting perspective on the PLA and a likely Taiwan invasion. But that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t do a blockade or Pearl Harbour style strikes to isolate Taiwan. Secondly, like Saddam Hussein before them the non-military Chinese leadership may not fully realise their own limitations. China has been known to throw its military into conflicts that they weren’t ready for, or capable of. The example that immediately comes to mind is the shambolic border conflict with Vietnam.