Dark Side Of The Moon 50th anniversary + more stuff

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Dark Side Of The Moon 50th anniversary

Pink Floyd released their seminal album The Dark Side of The Moon in 1973. The album went on to be very influential in the decades to come. I first heard of the album in primary school, Mr Garrett talked about seeing Pink Floyd perform The Dark Side Of The Moon – Live At Wembley. I am not sure if he actually went to the concert or saw the film of it.

Dark Side of the Moon

He was considered our coolest teacher with tales of swimming across the Suez Canal and having a dark green down belay jacket as a winter coat. This was before technical wear became mainstream.

Anyway back to The Dark Side of the Moon. It influenced so many different genres of music and subcultures. It was a popular soundtrack for relaxing at home and beloved even my the mod revivalists that I knew.

The reality was the the psychedelic aspects of the 1960s and 1970s had large scale youth appeal well into the late 1990s.

The voice recordings and ambient noise influenced sampling culture, though Pink Floyd wasn’t always happy about it. The alarm clock sound on Time was sampled by The Prodigy and Bomb The Bass were declined permission to use a sample from Money on a track dropped from their second album Unknown Territory.

The iconic cash register sound on Money actually came from a special effects album Jac HolzmanAuthentic Sound Effects Volume 2.

Ambient rooms in clubs would see The Dark Side of the Moon and later Wish You Were Here albums played regularly. To celebrate the 50th anniversary, Pink Floyd launched an animation competition.

Generative AI was one of the go to techniques that artists went to in order to match the cosmic nature of the music. Some of the videos are beautiful to watch.

Concern about Christian Japanese

Fervent religious belief in Japan has led to two tragedies in modern Japan. The assassination of former prime minister Shinzo Abe associated with anger at the Unification church and the Tokyo subway attack with Sarin in 1995 by the Aum Shinrikyo sect.

Devout Christians are a small but visible community in Japan and many Japanese are uncomfortable around them due to these incidents. This leads to children becoming socially isolated in school and friends pulling away in adult life.

Yellow Magic Orchestra

Japan’s Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) get a documentary that highlights the importance to popular music production.


Condor was British Railways attempt at containerisation, before the popularity of intermodal containerisation. It makes interesting viewing. It would be great if the UK and Ireland could take a similarly enlightened approach to integrated logistics now.

SKYN Japan

Skyn presents undressing softness – the latest brand film and campaign was released in Japan for Valentine’s Day. I was struck by how it about brings out empathy. The performing couples are nervous. They didn’t know what they’ll be asked to do next and they have to do it in public. This becomes even more obivous for the thousands who saw the film on an OOH digital billboard at Shibuya station. It comes across more sweet and loving, than erotic or sexual, which is different for the category.


Whiskas finding the purr in every cat is a really interesting and smart proposition. I love the way AMV BBDO did the creative around this proposition.