Watch Dogs hacks & other things

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Watch Dogs vs. real world hacking

Great examination of how real-world hacking matches up with the game pay in Watch Dogs. In summary, it can be done but it isn’t as effortless as the game Watch Dogs would have you believe. This makes a lot of sense as months of careful organisation, network mapping, probing and phishing doesn’t make for great storytelling. If it won’t look good in a film, it probably won’t look good in a game. In this respect Watch Dogs is under the same limitations as hacking themes in 24 to The Matrix. If Watch Dogs spurs interest in hacking, that in itself could be a good thing, in the same way that the Sinclair Spectrum inspired a whole generation of British software developers. 

Wandou Labs

Wandou Labs put together a great presentation on how foreign apps compared to Chinese market apps. In particular Evernote is featured. I am surprised that there isn’t a product from the likes of Netease or Tencent the provides the same functionality as Evernote.

I love Baron von Luxxury’s remixes of 80s classics, the latest one that I have on heavy rotation is his reworking of Duran Duran’s Girls On Film