Ogilvy social trends + other things

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Ogilvy social trends

Marshall and James delivered their Ogilvy social trends presentation on a webinar. Included in the Ogilvy social trends presentation is

  • Disposable / transient content
  • Brand banter
  • Sub-dividing communities using greater ad targeting
  • Twitter zero as the organic reach on the platform plunges towards zero
  • Platforms battle for video dominance
  • Rise in privacy facilitating services
  • Digital and identity are blurring the lines between aspiration and self actualisation

Here is this year’s Ogilvy social trends presentation:

Vintage logo design

Flickr user Eric Carl has put together an amazing album of vintage logo design from the 1970s and they are truly splendid in monochrome. They are like set of post modern mons – the iconic symbols that Japanese clans used to represent themselves. They also feel timeless rather than trend driven.

Great to finally see something we’ve been working on for a good while break cover. I have been working on a global website redesign and digital strategy for the Family Brands unit at Unilever. This is their worldwide margarine (and related cooking ingredients including cream analogues) product portfolio of products. A second project that I have been involved in is a set of adverts that will be rolling out globally. This is debuting in Mexico. Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy it as the new, new thing beckons.