Invisible cloaks and other things that caught my eye this week

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The possibility of invisible cloaks straight out of a Marvel comic hero’s tool kit or a wizarding wardrobe a la Harry Potter. Could ‘Harry Potter’-like invisible cloaks really exist? – CNET

On a more serious note invisibility cloaks have applications in the military, law enforcement and even urban design.

Foxes and science fiction what could be more awesome?

Social@Ogilvy put together a great presentation on multi-screen marketing. More marketing content here.

The SIN R1 looks like the kind of car I would have had as a poster on my wall as a kid, but now it looks too outlandish to be on the road

Lastly, I love these Tic-Tac posters which remind me of 1950s style adverts rebuilt for social media as ‘tiny posters’