El Capitan + more things

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Things that made my day this week. I have been quiet on here as El Capitan has a real problem with memory leakage with regards to mail.app, this necessitated a complete rebuild of the computer (which didn’t solve anything) and an eventual pruning of the library. This is a real software quality problem for Apple. Be careful with El Capitan, otherwise you might have the same kind of pain that I endured. 

Piers Sanderson, who I first met a few years ago has put out a new film called the Art of The DJ which uses the story of Steve Lawler to tell the wider story of the rise of the superstar DJ. When I met Piers he was struggling to get sponsorship to pay for the licensing rights to the music in his acid house film High on Hope. This time around, he has Lawler’s record label backing him and the documentary has been realised as a paid for stream through Lawler’s Facebook page. If you want to watch it it costs 3.50GBP.

Taco Bell managed to make a brand event out of their rescue of the original Taco Bell store, which is being moved to Taco Bell headquarters for posterity. More from the old school web cam footage here.

Jakob was just your average IP infringing online oversharer until the Business Software Alliance (basically Microsoft) legaled him in his native Czech Republic. He was offered a deal to appear in an anti-piracy film and had to gain 200,000 viewers. It looked like a win for the software owners, in reality Jakob has become a figure that netizens seem to have rallied around if you look at the comments on his video.

I read Liar’s Poker in college and enjoyed his book The Big Short that is ostensively about investors who realised first that the mortgage market was unsustainable, but acted as a insiders guide to mortgage cons in a similar way to his insiders view of derivatives in Liars Poker over 25 years earlier. Hollywood is hoping to cash in on Lewis’ book in the same way that it did with Money Ball and the trailer looks awesome (hat tip  for the trailer to Whatleydude).

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