Unlicensed delivery vehicles + more stuff

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Crackdown on unlicensed delivery vehicles in Chinese boom city creates major logistics headache | South China Morning Post – this will affect TaoBao sellers. Unlicensed delivery vehicles are an example of an imbalance between legislation, business and infrastructure.   (paywall)

[1403.2345] Home Location Identification of Twitter Users | Cornell University – (pdf)

Flamboyant Chinese boss takes luxury-car motorcade on road trip into harsh Tibetan Plateau, damaging half of them | South China Morning Post – “People follow you because you have a fortune and they think they can also earn some money from following you” (paywall) – this explains a lot of Chinese luxury purchases, particularly for men’s products. More on luxury here

LG G5 Review: A Bit Of A Mess, Frankly | Android Police – brutal and arguably unfair review

Net Promoter Score® / NPS® Benchmarks 2015 – really handy for benchmarking businesses

28% of Piracy Takedown Requests Are “Questionable” – TorrentFreak – interesting break down

The Next 40 | Asymco – interesting analysis of Apple’s first 40 years

Convolutional Networks for Fast, Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Computing | Cornell University – interesting article on neural networks (PDF)

Cicero ‘sorry’ for Google ad campaign sneering at major PR agency rivals | PR Week – using competitor brands as advertising terms is standard practice, though the copywriting could be done a bit better – storm in a tea-cup

When Hong Kong had no galleries: 1970s art revisited in show | South China Morning Post – it fucks me off when people say Hong Kong never had any art or culture. As well as the thriving low art of signage and graffiti there has been a small high art movement (paywall)

IngDan: a one-stop supply chain centre for online-to-offline – Alibaba for IoT

Hong Kong’s bogus banners show political dark arts live on | South China Morning Post – real world hacking. Vinyl banners are secured to railings in high traffic areas to deliver political messages for candidates or groups like Falun Gong or animal welfare charities (paywall)

Need a friend? Iceland now rents them out to tourists | City AM – great idea by Icelandair