With a VHS… + more things

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‘I feel like my granddad with a VHS’: UK agency Gen Xers on Snapchat – Digiday – great headline, though I think that they would struggle just as hard with a VHS reciorder. Discover is showing interesting content

Apple Watch sales: 2016 projection shows it’s gaining no traction | BGR – really interesting survey. I wonder if you would have got similar data 1 year after the launch of the Apple Watch II? I sold my Apple Watch II as the notifications weren’t nuanced enough and I didn’t find a killer app yet

China’s New Conglomerates | The Financialist – nice summary of Alibaba and Tencent

不带钱包在中国怎么度过24小时?结果让外国人惊呆了…… – CNN on WeChat

Anticipating change – really nice strategic model

Facebook Livemap – where Facebook streams are happening in real time

Facebook Wants You to Post More About Yourself – Bloomberg – Facebook employees working on the problem have a term for this decline in intimacy: “context collapse.”

From VW to HSBC, there’s a simple reason why so many CEOs fail to spot rogue behaviour | South China Morning Post – Responsibility is being dodged because those at the top insist they are suffering from information overload

Cruz Campaign Abandons Cutting-Edge “Behavioral” Voter Targeting Tech, Say Sources | Fast Company | Business + Innovation – interesting that they moved away from pyschometric targeting

Facebook Struggles to Stop Decline in ‘Original’ Sharing — The Information – 15 per cent drop in original sharing apparently

Why All Printers Suck (Even the Best Ones) | The Wirecutter – so true. I use a basic laser printer

Xiaomi now even have their own transformer! – Gizchina.com – smart tie in Xiaomi and Hasbro bonds with the consumer at an emotional level

Moleskine ® – Smart Writing Set – interesting device, feels evolutionary from a technology point of view, not that it is a bad thing

Huawei Struggles to Be Cool – Digits – WSJ – nice summary of Huawei’s fashion collabs. More Huawei related stuff here

The 2016 State of Link Building Survey – Results & Analysis – Moz

Panama Papers: Email Hackable via WordPress, Docs Hackable via Drupal – Wordfence

Welcome to Thington – interesting translation layer and UI thrown over the smart home

Saint Laurent deletes its entire Instagram feed | Dazed – how do you say cat fight?

StarCom MediaVest and MYJAR online endorsements case – GOV.UK – clear labelling of promoted content online

People are reportedly sharing fewer personal updates on Facebook | The Verge – not terribly surprising, changing norms around privacy, OTT messaging platforms and reduced utility which seems to be an inverse network effect