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POSIX compliant

POSIX has become outdated by Atlidakis, Andrus, Geambasu, Mitropoulos & Nieh (Columbia University) – this seems arcane but will impact every part of information technology from mainframes and web infrastructure to Macs and smartphones (both iPhone and Android). POSIX is an IEEE approved standard. It was developed to maintain the comparability between different operating systems. POSIX defines APIs (application protocol interfaces) at system and user levels. It also includes command line shells and utility interfaces. This allows for software portability between different types of Unix and other operating systems. The Mac that this is written on runs an operating system (macOS) that is POSIX compliant and has been for a good number of years. So is my iPhone and iPad. So are banking mainframes and many of the computers that run the internet.


General Motors Is in Talks to Sell Opel – WSJ – General Motors Co. has entered talks to sell its European business Opel to Peugeot as the U.S. auto giant seeks to shed money-losing operations abroad – I imagine that China and the US will be its main focus. Surprised Ford hasn’t taken a similar move

The Mighty Middle Market – Edelman – the US’ mittelstadt


Banks Eyeing Dublin After Brexit Face Trader Shortage – Bloomberg – all this will change of course as things kick off


Below Deck — The California Sunday Magazine – this kind of work was the prototype for the Ubers of this world


Are luxury brands taking their eye off Gen X? | Luxury Daily – lets be honest about it, its a market that marketers haven’t bothered addressing due to the size compared to the book end generations


Facebook’s autoplay videos will now play with the sound on – Recode – expect audio branding to make a resurgence

Facebook agrees to independent metrics audit following pressure – AdNews – guess the pressure from FMCG businesses demanding proper data and trying to stamp out ad fraud is working


ICSR Report – Media Jihad: The Islamic State’s Doctrine for Information Warfare / ICSR – how ISIS is looking to move from a real to a virtual organisation as it suffers real world defeats

Into the gray zone – George Washington University – interesting white paper on hacking back. Not the smartest thing to do but interesting (PDF)


Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and a “modern” Nokia 3310 will be unveiled at MWC 2017 – Gizchina.com – the modern Nokia 3310 probably the most anticipated phone launch since the iPhone