One Small Step + more

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I had to start with this short film ‘One Small Step’ I saw that’s right up there with Pixar in terms of its storytelling and craft. One Small Step is an amazingly inspirational film. The space theme reminds me of the retro futurism of the Soviet bloc in terms of visual style. The characters have a lovely airbrushed feel to them. Keep an eye out for this director and animator in the future.

I’ve been listening to this mix by Greg Wilson which contains his favourite edits and reworks from 2018. It is a beautiful set of tracks from a range of producers sympathetically rejuvenating classic tracks. It is more than ‘nu-disco’; Wilson imprints his usual eclectic style on the mix. More related posts here.

If you’re doing anything in the international sphere on digital then bookmark this presentation: Digital 2019: Global Digital Overview — DataReportal – Global Digital Insights – I expect this will be in every strategists tool kit for creating client PowerPoint decks.

Ken Block’s latest vehicle includes a huge intricate metal manifold made with additive manufacturing. Despite the voice over, this video about the manufacture of the manifold is very interesting. Ford engineers worked with  RWTH Aachen’s Digital Additive Production Institute, in Germany. Ford claims that it is the largest additive manufacturing metal part in a working vehicle. it is obvious that Ford is wondering how this could affect their manufacturing processes in the future, if parts can be created on demand.

Cixin Liu’s short story The Wandering Earth has been adapted into a film that’s been released in China over the spring festival. The trailer looks immense but I don’t know if Liu’s work has been done justice through the film adaptation. Chinese cinema often manages spectacle but then fails on dialogue rather like George Lucas’ Star Wars scripts.