Jeremy Renner store + more stuff

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The Jeremy Renner store – this must be the 21st century equivalent of the celebrity infomercial on cable TV: @ The Jeremy Renner store is interesting because it’s an odd choice of celebrity. More on Amazon here.

Amazon UK 2

Nike China with Weiden + Kennedy did these great basketball-themed adverts

Laundry Musical. Procter & Gamble invented the soap opera back during the great depression as sponsored radio serials. They were instrumental in building P&G as a brand powerhouse. Riffing on the theme P&G Philippines launched the first ‘laundry musical’ with Broadway star Lea Salonga.

It is hard to explain how musical Filipino culture is. Wherever Flipinos are as a community, there is music. In Hong Kong they do group singing and dance routines. Music has been a huge export for the Philippines. You go to bars around the world and there will be a Filipino band who can pivot from hard rock to soulful R&B standards.

Filipinos make up most of the bands on cruise ships too, which isn’t surprising given the amount of recruitment for the shipping industry that goes in the Philippines from sailors to engineers.

TBWA\Chiat\Day’s Lee Clow on the making of Apple’s Think Different campaign. Chiat\Day still have this campaign as their calling card a quarter of a century later. The opening statement that technology is not a substitute for an idea is something that feels more relevant now. It is also interesting seeing the creatives working on MacOS Classic.

Apple used the creative process as a way to showcase the creative hardware and software used on the campaign

  • Microsoft Word
  • Quark Xpress
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat
  • AVID non-linear professional video editing
  • Claris eMailer – which was an email client similar to on macOS now. I had never used it, as I was using Netscape Communicator at the time

Irish department store Brown Thomas launches its first brand anthem film