Awesome tapes from Africa and other things from last week

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Awesome Tapes From Africa

My listening has alternated between the comfort food for the ears of early 1990s dance on the Deconstruction label to streams from the Awesome Tapes From Africa blog. The Awesome Tapes From Africa blog collects African music that has been

Social media ready reckoner

Social@Ogilvy came up with handy ready reckoner for social media platforms: Hong Kong’s social media equivalents: Infographic.

It was interesting to watch Aldi and Kellogg’s duke it out on YouTube over copy cat brands.

In stark contrast, at the tail-end of the early 1990s recession; United Biscuits successfully took ASDA to court in 1997 for passing off over the supermarkets Puffin biscuits which were considered a copycat brand of UB’s own McVitie’s Penguins.

Web 2.0 is dead long live Fluent. O’Reilly Conferences finally left behind the web2.0 conference as the web as a platform became ubiquitous. It’s successor Fluent which is about extending out in different ways to create what I call the web-of-no-web.

The most interesting interview done at that where things move beyond the browser was Brady Forrest of PCH International (an Irish company based in Shenzhen).

The programmable world is interesting because of its potential, but it poses two problems that aren’t addressed:

  • Privacy
  • Information security

Also how will this programmable world / internet-of-things affect energy consumption, given that the internet and associated data centres created a spike in energy consumption? We can see how the blockchain and cryptocurrency consumes more power What will be the net net? Any energy gain is likely to be diffused and harder to address. More here.

This week I am reading Millward-Brown’s iPad magazine Perspectives on the iPad.