Time lapse & things this week

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I don’t know what it was about this week, but I ended up looking at a whole pile of time lapse videos. These videos have become much more accessible. Modern smartphones have it as a standard feature, it has become easier to do time lapse video with professional photography equipment. Cheap time lapse timers are now available and there is software to easily stitch it all together.

First up beautifully assembled footage of summertime in New York, this doesn’t give you a real feel of the humidity in New York. It is mesmerising though.

Next a time lapse video that zooms pans and warps time in Pyongyang, North Korea. It is all the more remarkable given the careful curation of content that comes out about North Korea.

Pirate Jams put together a mix of late 1980s to early 1990s tracks and their own recordings that sampled many others for i-D magazine and came up with this joyful mix. It is as at home on your car stereo as it is in your Zumba class. It fits into a wider nostalgia in dance music exemplified by nu-disco and mash-up culture.

The Vinyl Factory put together 20 tracks as an introduction to the early balearic sound for generation-z. Balearic was a minority interest when it was originally out. The eclectic mix of music that people now listen to and genres from tropical house to nu-disco make Balearic sound as relevant today as it did in the mid-1980s.

Burberry put together a great video showcase that shows how they use the Tencent WeChat / Weixin platform or as they put it Burberry and WeChat have created a series of creative collaborations and platform firsts that leverage WeChat’s unique functionality and responsive content capabilities. – This is very much in keeping with Burberry’s long push into exploring what digital retail would mean in a luxury environment?More related content here. Note: The original video seems to have been taken down as the licence on the music by Ed Harcourt had likely ran out.