Daihatsu + other news

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Daihatsu Releases 3rd Model of Copen Sporty Minicar – Nikkei Technology Online – the Daihatsu customisable car, with manufacturer kits to change the vehicle appearance dramatically. Daihatsu is one of Japan’s smaller manufacturers with budgets dwarves by Toyota and VW, so this move makes a lot of sense


Chevrolet Issues Press Release Written Entirely in Emoji | Technabob – nice gimmick


How It’s Made Series: Beats By Dre — Medium – pretty damning. What is particularly disheartening is the weights to make the headphones feel like they are of a higher quality than the really are. More design related content here

Beats By Dre Teardown Finds Metal Included to Add Weight | Digital Trends – not terribly surprising but interesting analysis on the product.


WPP, Daily Mail and SnapChat launch content agency Truffle Pig | Campaign – its like war, pestilence and famine coming together to form an agency. I would imagine that it could be a struggle to sell into clients, at least in the UK

The Mayor vs. the Mogul – POLITICO Magazine – challenges of ethics that Bloomberg faces


Why We Encrypt | Schneier on Security – another good read by Bruce Schneier


The Web is getting its bytecode: WebAssembly | Ars Technica – interesting asm.js is actually a subset of Javascript than something completely new


Google opens up on its SDN | Network World – what might suit Google. won’t necessarily work in the enterprise data centre or the telecoms network. Organisation optimised products do inspire more general purpose open source products and this might be no exception.

Web of no web

Enter the video helmet – a 130 inch world of your own | TelecomTV – interesting product in terms of immersion. If this was fictional, one would have to ask if this was part of the ‘deck’ used by console cowboy Case in William Gibson’s Neuromancer?