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Smartphone App Users Spend Half of Their Total App Time With Their Favorite One | Marketing Charts – which had big implications for the app economy. Total app time is an extreme example of the long tail

EPIC – Decision by EU Legal Advisor Signals End of “Safe Harbor” – big affect on American marketing companies and requires cloud providers to have European data shards if they don’t already

Bye Bye U-2: CIA Legend Allen Predicts End Of Manned Reconnaissance « Breaking Defense – inevitable. Not having to have the payload of a pilot, with supporting supporting safety and life support systems

Corporate reputation cannot be managed, built or protected by PR people alone | Marketing Interactive – interesting article not so much because of its assertions about social media, but that it implies PR is becoming a philosophy, think ‘marketing orientated organisations’ versus ‘sales orientated organisations’ as marketers used to discuss them

Groupon Is Laying Off 1,100 At A Cost Of $35M, Shutters Operations In 7 Countries | TechCrunch – I was surprised to see Taiwan and Thailand on these lists

Luxury brands can be their own worst enemy | CNBC – devaluing and diluting their brand. More luxury related content here.

Atlas by Quartz – a great resource to find research

Goldman Sachs is using Snapchat stories to lure millennials into its workforce | BusinessInsider – interesting use of SnapChat for corporate marketing

Lenovo appoints ex-McKinsey executive Gordon Orr to board as group diversifies from PCs to mobile and enterprise | South China Morning Post – Orr, who currently also serves as a non-executive director at Hong Kong-listed conglomerate Swire Pacific, retired from McKinsey last month. (Paywall)

Urban Networks: Spreading the flow of goods, people and ideas – Glaeser, Ponzetto & Zau – interesting study on how architecture impacts use, adoption and effects of technology – puts a new take on smart cities (PDF)

U.S. and China Seek Arms Deal for Cyberspace – The New York Times – this isn’t going to solve US problems around data breaches

Alibaba Shares, Down 45% From Their Peak, Have Had A Wild First Year – TheStreet – whilst the Chinese economy is quieter, there is still a growth opportunity in disrupting bricks-and-mortar stores. Chinese department stores have suffered financially, its a train that isn’t likely to stop

Legendary CPU architect Jim Keller leaves AMD – – its amazing how AMD’s fortunes have changed since I worked on them nine years ago. At that time they were a worthy challenger in desktop and server market

D-Link Private Code-Signing Keys Leaked | Threatpost – so potentially lots of compromised routers that can be built into a distributed bot net with the right skills….

Facebook Now Lets Advertisers Pay Only For Fully Visible Ads | Fast Company – which will appeal a lot to big advertisers like Unilever

Samsung’s S Health is now available for all Android smartphones | Android Central – interesting the way they have expanded it, originally this would have been a Samsung USPP, there must be a gain in having a wider data pool?

Coca-Cola Sees No Sales Impact From Online Buzz; Says Digital Display As Effective As TV | CMO Strategy – Advertising Age – really interesting study on the effect of social. One problem is that of data quality

Unilever Finds Social-Media Buzz Really Does Drive Sales | Advertising Age – interesting how social doesn’t help Coca-Cola but does help Unilever, context is much more nuanced

EPA accuses Volkswagen, Audi of evading emission laws | USA Today – this is huge. The potential reputation damage to VW group brands is huge. It’s also an impressive hack

Beijing goes up against Uber, Didi Kuaidi with its own car-hailing app | SCMP – I thought that Didi Kuaidi was the government’s champion but it isn’t apparently. A bit like ZTE is an outsider compared to Huawei. Is Didi Kuaidi’s expansion abroad through investing in Lyft a factor in this? (paywall)