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Contact AT and T’s CEO, hear back from his lawyer – LA Times – this sounds like a PR train wreck for AT and T. AT and T aren’t having their needs served by the lawyer’s conduct

China—not online porn—is why Playboy is dumping nude photographs | Quartz – its all about licensed clothing and other products

The world’s most popular app will soon be where you do your shopping, too | Quartz – geofenced Facebook ads anyone?

I, Cringely Dell buys EMC and gets the corporate cloud for free – I, Cringely – on the money analysis by Bob Cringely

IoT Net Gets Boost in Europe | EE Times – how will this affect Qualcomm et al?

PC Sales Plummet in Q3 | EE Times – interesting decoupling between OS upgrade and hardware upgrade on the Windows eco-system

Andy Rubin: AI Is The Future Of Computing, Mobility | EE Times – driven by data from IoT etc – there will be a need for machine learning analysis

Laser surveys light up open data | Creating a better place – UK Environment Agency data, would probably be also handy for anyone with cruise missiles

Luxury brand Marc Jacobs abandons Tsim Sha Tsui – mainland purchase down and high rents I guess. More luxury related posts here

SMARTPHONES: Price Wars Topple Huawei, ZTE Supplier – Bottom line: The bankruptcy of a major component supplier to ZTE and Huawei is the latest sign of stress in the overheated smartphone sector

Bankruptcies in China pose challenge for foreign creditors | SCMP – quite handy primer (paywall)

DEXTER – Yahoo! Pipes worthy successor

Twitter’s Next Hail Mary, Project Lightning, Has Arrived | Re/code – I think the key targets on this are Google News, Flipboard and Apple’s News functionality

Google’s Search Boss Talks Surviving and Thriving in an App World (Full Video) – Amit Singhal says Google will not only survive the transition to mobile apps, but will thrive in it