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Munich Windows migration

And we return to Munich migration back to Windows – it’s going to cost what now?! €100m! • The Register – interesting to see this war over Munich public sector computing still being fought in the background by Microsoft two decades later. I remember working at Edelman when its open source competitive de-positioning work was just taking off. I had to write a two page document explaining what open source was. Munich was seen as one of the key battle grounds back then 


Who Is Making Amazon Echo? (1) – Nikkei Technology Online – interesting teardown data and insights into manufacturing


Trump urges Justice Department to ‘act’ on Comey, suggests Huma Abedin should face jail time – The Washington Post – interesting poor information security – saving classified passwords in her Yahoo! account. More related content here.


Boolean Query Writing: Everything You Need to Know | Brandwatch – I’ve been using Boolean for years, but many people haven’t come across it. Brandwatch have done a great guide


ASA bans Captain Morgan Snapchat lens as it questions efficacy of app’s age verification policy | The Drum – surprising for a company that should know the Portman rules inside out


BBC StoryWorks unveils new tool which measures impact of branded content | Marketing Interactive – “In addition, the product showed that the creative execution succeeded in driving a clear uplift in subconscious association between Huawei and key brand attributes such as being innovative, inspiring, environmentally responsible, and high quality. Following exposure, audiences also had a high desire to engage with the Huawei brand; brand awareness rose by 216%, brand association went up by 23% and purchase intent increased by 19%”


How the Chinese vs Western battle of internet giants will unfold | Analysis | Campaign Asia – over the next 12 months the Western big three will find themselves head to head with the Chinese internet giants, across ecommerce, brand partnerships and most notably AI. What’s not certain is who will come out on top and whether BAT can adapt to succeed in a different environment- at least in non-Chinese Asian markets


Massive Intel Vulnerabilities Just Landed — And Every PC User On The Planet May Need To Update – I can see the conspiracy theories starting about how this is a ‘feature’ requested by the deep state / military intelligence industrial complex – and they might be true

Web of no web

Maps | Mapbox – for building navigation services including turn by turn directions