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Quantum computing & other things this week

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Quantum computing explained for different skill levels. The explanations of quantum computing are amazing. The simplicity of the quantum computing explanations should be must watch content.

A video on Sony‘s old school copy protection for the original PlayStation. It is the height of ingenuity. I had a couple of CDs with black faces like a PlayStation disc. They were a Sisters of Mercy Japanese import disc and a limited edition disc by Yello that I picked up secondhand. I have got no idea where they are now.

The black coating was a ruse from a copy protection point of view; except that it may have concealed the real copy protection system (if you had a microscope good enough to see it). The technology is down to the way wavy data lines were put down on the PlayStation disks rather than a copy management style encryption.

An amazing video of Hong Kong’s tram system. Get Lost in Hong Kong on a 3-Minute Trolley Adventure

My friend Stephen is travelling at the moment and passed through Bozeman, Montana. I tried to explain who Mystery Ranch and Dana Gleason was, and how they came to make the best backpacks in the world. But in the end, I sent this link to him as it explains it all so much better: Interview with Mystery Ranch Founder Dana Gleason – Dana Design Founder Returns to Outdoor Industry | The Field

Sailor Moon’s Moonlight Densetsu as played on traditional Japanese instruments | Sora News 24 – and yes it is as good as it sounds. The mix of modern and older Japanese culture is fascinating.