Facebook cant be removed + more

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Facebook Cant be removed from Certain Android Phones – Search Engine Journal – pre-installs creating bloatware on phones like the PC industry did when profits got tight. Given Facebook’s position as a monopoly Facebook cant be removed from phones has to be an area for action

‘I love my Mac!’ – Zoë Smith“My phone rang, and the video I was watching on the computer paused!” – when we are running computers hundreds of thousands of times the power of the entire NASA Apollo space programme computers, why wouldn’t this happen? This seems like a relatively easy CX related win, yet it seems like magic. This says a lot about the poor user experience in computing. More design related content here.

Chinese budget smartphone brand Realme has Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe in its sights after sweeping India | South China Morning Post – BBK expands its brand portfolio beyond Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo and Realme. It is the hidden leader while Huawei gets the kudos, BBK owns mid market handset sales. BBK were also responsible for the amazing Oppo Blu-Ray players and high end headphones.

This online tool can transform your black-and-white photos into color images | Abacus – interesting that it was launched to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Chinese economic reform. It uses machine learning taught with 1,000s of photos. Just don’t rely on it for colour fidelity.

Selling extremism: Nationalist streetwear and the rise of the far right – interesting given the multi-cultural history of street wear. However clothing has also been a code for subcultures and communities. In the past the far right borrowed the workwear look from the skinhead culture. MA-1 jackets, Fred Perry shirts, Ben Sherman shirts, Levi’s jeans and Dr Marten boots. As the codified items get coopted by other groups they get replaced. Skinhead haircuts are replaced something more high and tight. It was only a matter of time that extremists borrowed from streetwear and football casual style.