Delete your direct messages + more things

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Even years later, Twitter doesnt delete your direct messages | TechCrunch – interesting possible GDPR risk for Twitter. I have cleaned out my public tweet feed as what you share is ephemeral. I could imagine people doing foolish things, but Twitter doesnt delete your direct messages and they could conceivably gathered by court order

HSBC forex trading costs cut sharply by blockchain – executive | Reuters – low transaction rate, less than 4,000 transactions a day. This looks more like a niche case for blockchain rather than a panacea for fintech

Why I’m Deleting All My Old Tweets | WIRED – I do it because the content is of a time and loses something out of context and the content is ephemeral. Who cares about my Merry Christmas into the ether of late 2007? I don’t.

Angry over campus speech by Uighur activist, Chinese students in Canada contact their consulate, film presentation – The Washington PostPeople participating in the chat expressed disbelief that their government operated mass detention centers, saying they had not seen Chinese news reports about them. (The centers have been widely covered in international media, but many of these reports are censored in China.) (paywall) – Interesting for the mirror that it offers up to our own media eco-system and our reality

Madison Avenue Makeover Insights | Holding Companies at a Tipping Point – interesting take on the advertising holding companies

EU Elections: Will Populists Win or Have They Peaked? Bloomberg – great use of graphics in this reporting. More design related content here.

Mastercard’s new “sonic logo” will play every time you make a purchase | Quartz – will this become annoying or will the branding lose its meaning in our world of point of sale beeps particularly in supermarkets and big chain stores?

Nato Straps – 031CWZ011621w | OMEGA® – Omega have made a strap of synthetic spider silk which is calls BioSteel which is made by AMSilk – a German textile company