China is the big winner + more things

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China is the big winner from Europe’s Brexit chaos – which is probably why the UK will get a shitty deal in phase II. China is the big winner because:

  • It ensures its inbound investment into the UK becomes more important. China can have more influence and spend less money proportionally than they had to do before
  • It weakens the EU a bit, in particular amplifying the power of just two partners in the bloc: France and Germany. It means that the northern bloc including the Netherlands has less of a voice in the union creating opportunity for division
  • European power projection is reduced. As is European soft power
  • China is the big winner, but Russia also has similar benefits on a smaller scale

More on Brexit here.

McDonalds acquires Israeli company Dynamic Yield | Silicon Angle – really interesting purchase by McDonalds

Naspers to Separate Tencent Stake, Web Assets in Dutch Listing – Bloomberg – this is just the kind of listing one would have expected in London

Michael Avenatti charged for attempted extortion of Nike – Business Insider – interesting how a celebrity level lawyer is on the end of this case

The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2019 | Fast Company – interesting how APAC companies are at the very top

LOEWE on Instagram: “When @danielnorris18 is not playing baseball, he loves to climb into his van and hit the open road. Wearing the new #EYELOEWENATURE…” – interesting where Loewe is going with this campaign, crossing the lines between sports marketing, streetwear and luxury

Materials science is helping to transform China into a high-tech economy – technique-wise very similar to the west. Back over 20 years ago we weren’t using brute force in the labs I worked in but computer-assisted formulations. You did some trials, put the results in. Put in the desired results and then the computer worked to bring you towards an optional formulation using fourier analysis

Pinterest’s IPO filing, annotated – Digiday – nicely put together if no suprises, worthwhile as a reference / 101