Reel-to-reel technology + more

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Return of reel-to-reel as musicians reject digital for better sound of dated technology – reel-to-reel tape recorders never really went away. They provide a super saturated effect to everything that they record. The bigger issue is perishable spare parts, servicing and future manufacturing of reel-to-reel tape machines. Ballfinger have attempted to make new machines, but existing manufacturers like Studer, Denon, Revox and Otari have long stopped making machines.

TODAYonline | Exclusive: Tesla expects global shortage of electric vehicle battery minerals -sources – what about the environment? One of the reasons why I’ve been skeptical of Tesla’s approach to power for years. Its the reason why the likes of BMW and Toyota have looked at super-capacitors and hydrogen power – both internal combustion engines and fuel cells. It is interesting that Hyundai have been looking at hydrogen fuel cells for lorries. Toyota has hydrogen fuel cell powered cars.

Nike’s Beijing 99 basketball tournament – It is hard to explain how popular basketball in China as a sport. Interest in the game is way beyond Europe. Basketball courts suit built up cities with a smaller area required than for a football pitch. The NBA has a large following in China. The local league has an extensive following as well.

Chinese players that make the NBA draft are celebrated in China as well, even if they aren’t Chinese citizens, like American Taiwanese star Jeremy Lin.

Chinese players like based on an ancient military ranking system with 99 shirts individually designed to be claimed. Nike cleverly melds Chinese interest and pride in their culture with their love of basketball.

NIKE – Beijing 99 Teaser Film from M Skibiak on Vimeo.

More on Nike here.

Facebook Is Finding Problems With Artificial Intelligence Too – WIRED – (paywall)

Disintegration – Great interview of the keyboardist on The Cure’s Distintergration which covers studio boredom well