Virgil Abloh & things that made my day this week

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Virgil Abloh

Braun 100 Years Virgil – collaboration with Virgil Abloh – you would be more worries about the fingerprints rather than playing anything on the Wandanlage. Virgil Abloh has done collaborations with a range of brands from Rimowa to Mercedes-Benz. More design related posts here.

Global networks 2030

While we have been concerned with the glacial rollout of 5G wireless networks, the Center of Strategic and International Studies have been thinking in more depth about future technologies through the lens of geopolitics. It is well worth having this video on in the background one lunch time.

It was interesting that the main sponsors of this report were Japanese corporates and participation by the Japanese government. Japan has deployed OpenRAN solutions for 5G, which explains why this has featured in the interviews. There is a report that accompanies this video, available here. The Japanese government is looking to set standards beyond 5G and is building a coalition of the willing around this.

New York latin sound

David Lynch of Talking Heads fame is worthwhile following online for is amazing musical curation skills such as this playlist of 1970s era latin sounds coming out of New York. You can see the clear link to disco. It is no coincidence that one of the biggest disco labels Salsoul records was named after salsa and soul music.

Motion Capture and realistic digital influencers

CodeMiko talks about her use of motion capture technology to create a surprisingly lifelike digital character. Miko worked in Hollywood on animation motion capture before COVID-19. Skip to 8h15 to get to the most interesting stuff here.

Neuroscience and brand experiences

UK Advertising have put together some great talks. This one about rebuilding brand connections through experiences and neuroscience.


Amazing drone footage that I expect was shot in Iceland. The footage of a volcano reminded me of JRR Tolkein’s description of Mordor and Mount Doom in the Lord Of The Rings.


Something that colleagues have been working on, has now hit the US airwaves. Bravecto fluralaner for Merck Animal Health (US). Shooting during COVID-19 adds all kinds of challenges.