Weiden Kennedy Tokyo + more

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Weiden Kennedy Tokyo did this great brand video for Nike Korea, they supported it with a ‘Be Heard’ campaign on KakaoTalk. Weiden Kennedy Tokyo work for Nike is consistently of a really high standard. More marketing inspiration here.

One of the things that had been keeping me busy over the summer was working with Racepoint Asia on the planning and strategy behind this video to promote the Huawei P8. On reflection it could be cut down to 3:15 with a branded end screen to make it tighter, but its a great bit of video shot by Jenn Russell.

Ashley Vance talks about his talks with Elon Musk of PayPal mafia, Tesla and SpaceX fame

Adidas China put together a few videos of local artists in China to promote the Superstar ‘shelltoe’ trainer. They feature musician Eason Chan (Canto-pop veteran with some EDMish remixes), VJ Mian, pixel sculptor Li Tian Lun, and street muralist Hua Tu Nan. This is hosted on YouKu so you will need to be patient to get it to load

There is something meta about the concept of TED Talks at the Burning Man festival; its like a cliche of daikaiju proportions, but if this gets people interested in mathematics, so much the better.