Snoopers charter + more news

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Snoopers Charter

UK Snoopers Charter gagging order drafted for London Internet Exchange directors • The Register – the original snoopers charter aka the Interception Modernisation Programme was proposed by the last Labour administration and was opposed vociferously by the Conservatives and the other opposition parties. Now you have the Conservatives who pushed through the near identical snoopers charter Communications Capabilities Development Programme, and then legislated the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 – which was also nicknamed the snoopers charger. When you combine this snoopers charter gag order with the new espionage act going through the UK government system and things look exceptionally dark


The Facts-Based Survey of Mobile Money Globally Focusing on the Reality and Numbers – Ignores totally the noise around Apple Pay, Bitcoins and Paypal. The rise of buy now, pay later services such as Klarna will likely change the landscape more. Though I worry about ballooning unsecured consumer debt


Global Restructuring at TBWAMedia Arts Lab as Apple Shifts Toward Digital, Regional Work | Ad Week – interesting move with their evolving relationship with Apple. I can’t say that I feel impressed by anything l’ve seen out of Apple in a while – given more creative was driven out of in-house. This move will see things going more digital, rather than just digital expressions of TV-orientated creative


Video formats by position | Facebook Marketing Partners – (PDF)

Building Global Community | Facebook – Zuck on reshaping Facebook’s direction


Once poverty-stricken, China’s “Taobao villages” have found a lifeline making trinkets for the internet — Quartz – also allows marketing of locally grown produce. How scalable and sustainable this all is, is another question entirely


Exclusive: SoftBank willing to cede control of Sprint to entice T-Mobile – sources | Reuters – guess India’s no longer as big a focus since Nikesh Arora’s big bets lost them 350 million dollars?