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TV synced online advertising

TV synced Facebook News Feed ads yield 60% lift | Facebook Marketing Partners – TV synced advertising seems to have a similar effect to TV synced radio campaigns (PDF)


Hip-hop is getting old, man | Quartz – interesting discussion on cultural cycles.

Soothsayer in the Hills Sees Silicon Valley’s Sinister Side – The New York Times – “If you’re a mark of social media, if you’re being manipulated by it, one of the ways to tell is if there’s a certain kind of personality quality that overtakes you,” he says. “It’s been called the snowflake quality. People criticize liberal college kids who have it, but it’s exactly the same thing you see in Trump. It’s this kind of highly reactive, thin-skinned, outraged single-mindedness. I think one way to think of Trump, even though he is a con man and he is an actor and he’s a master manipulator and all that, in a sense he’s also a victim. I’ve met him a few times over 30 years. And what I think I see is someone who has moved from kind of a New York character who was in on his own joke to somebody who is completely freaked out and outraged and feeling like he is on the verge of a catastrophe every second. And so my theory about that is that he was ruined by social media.”


IBM Type – IBM have open sourced their tailor-made corporate font Plex


Huawei’s new global corporate brand swagger | Analysis | Campaign Asia  – Huawei so closely reflects China’s new ambitions that it would be easy to consider the tech giant as a proxy for Brand China. But Tan bristles at the suggestion. “Huawei is a global company,” she reminds us. “You can see our overseas revenue is larger than China, so we really want to position our brand as a global brand.”


Amazon to Sell Part of Its Cloud Business in China – WSJ – something to think about with your China data shards

Long Live Short Video in China | The Daily | L2 – you also have streaming video, OTT etc

CompuServe’s forums, which still exist, are finally shutting down | Fast Company – I remember my Landlord in college used CompuServe on dial-up and met his current wife though it


Entering the Quantum Era—How Firefox got fast again and where it’s going to get faster – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog – interesting insight into desktop software development now. Let’s see how this works for Firefox’s market share

Web of no web

Review: Jibo Social Robot | WIRED – interesting bits about robot human interaction


WeChat users send 38 billion messages per day | Techinasia – WhatsApp is on 55 billion messages a day – according to Benedict Evans