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IBM fellows

New IBM Fellows push computing frontiers – IBM fellows are the company’s most prolific innovators. This batch of IBM fellows is interesting because it is a good indication of technology areas which will be hot: question-and-answer systems, a holistic approach to hardware and software design (like Apple), mathematical modelling for environmental risk management, stream computing, network optimised computer operating systems, cloud services, virtualised data centres and semiconductor design verification tools / processes (presumably to deal with increasing complexity and parallel processing at the silicon level)


Helen Wang On China’s Opportunities. She’s Not Dreaming. : China Law Blog – luxury, healthcare, education and green tech are foreign companies opportunities. Basically most of the west is screwed


Warm Respect for a Scottish Ruin – – I love the way you have a house within a house on this design, could think of a few places in Ireland where this would work a treat


Revenge of the Invisible Hand – By Bruce Everett | Foreign Policy – this of course also means that much of the FTSE-related portfolios depending on Shell and BP for its value is screwed

Big Oil In Turnaround – By Edward C. Chow | Foreign Policy – good write-up on the current state of what were the 7 Sisters of the oil industry. I’d be more worried about energy security than the environment now

What exactly is made in China? | – rising wages encouraging clothing to move elsewhere in Southeast Asia


Chanel’s cruise control | Material World | Vanessa Friedman blogs on the fashion and luxury industry for the Financial Times –


U.S. Bill To Criminalize Illicit Movie / Music Streaming | TorrentFreak

Leaked “ACTA” Lobby Letter Reveals Hollywood Pressure On EU | TorrentFreak – what is of interest is that they want to bypass the judiciary and push this into law


Study Says Spam Can Be Cut by Blocking Card Transactions – – interesting that law enforcement hasn’t been looking at this


Why you can’t really anonymize your data – O’Reilly Radar – the ethics of big data need to be thought out and you have to ask questions about the ethics of how healthcare research is executed in the future


Android vaults to smartphone lead as Nokia faces ‘ugly’ future |

Did Microsoft pay for the wrong Skype? | asymco – interesting analysis


Zennstrom: private investors take the profits | – interesting ethical questions brought up