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Rev Dan Catt | Conference Eaters – captures the dichotomy of conferences really well. Dan Catt compares the experience of conferences to religious services where the faithful gather.

Brand Brain Britain! How Brits engage with brands differently across the regions | Weber Shandwick – interesting research on brand attitudes. More branding related content here.

Huffington Post and Leo Burnett partnership | Marketing Interactive – in reality this line is being blurred all the time Vice Media etc

​How an FBI Informant Ordered the Hack of British Tabloid ‘The Sun’ | Motherboard – could the FBI be legally liable?

Generation Flux’s Secret Weapon | Fast Company – interesting analysis of Chipotle

Only 25% of iPad Users are aged 16-24 | Global Web Index – it makes sense given that the iPad is a discretionary purchase with adequate substitute products

Slack is Killing Email | PixelBits – is it really? I think there is still a use case for email and a use case for less email

Google’s Eric Schmidt: “Really, Our Biggest Search Competitor Is Amazon” – trying to spin their way out of European sanctions

Microsoft And Salesforce Promise Windows, Office And OneDrive Integration | TechCrunch – hell froze over

Saudis would accept lower oil prices | Hong Kong Economic Journal Insight – all about trying to raise barrier to entry for competitors

The Cost of Living the Luxe Life Has Fallen — if You Live in Asia | TIME – softening property prices

Ofcom | UK leads the way with new wireless technology trials – overly dramatic headline for white space trials

How China’s ‘naked officials’ make the getaway| – since there is such an obvious behavioural trail shouldn’t card transactions and travel record patterns create ‘red flags’? Why do so many get through?

Finland is in trouble, and it blames Apple for everything – Quartz – bit of an exaggeration but gives you an idea of how crucial Nokia was

Singapore rail operator eyes UK minicab firm | Hong Kong Economic Journal Insights – interesting move. Is Addison Lee a technology company or a transport company?