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3 stripes trademarks

Adidas Just Lost One of its 3 Stripes Trademarks in the European Union | The Fashion Law – adidas are constantly having to fight for the 3 stripes as intellectual property. The reality is that there are layers and layers of intellectual property protection for the 3 stripes trademarks. Even if it lost its trademarks, there is still the design protections across its range of products that are similarly layered like the 3 stripes trademarks. More related content here.


Information operations and Facebook – Facebook research paper (PDF)


Margarine sales: investors can’t believe they’re not better | The Economist – a few things: trans fats tend not to be in consumer margarines now, but otherwise interesting data

Ogilvy Celebrates ‘Real Moms’ for Dove Baby | AdWeek – interesting step into P&G territory by Unilever


The evidence is piling up — Silicon Valley is being destroyed – Business Insider – go east young man, Shenzhen rather than San Jose


Just delete the internet – pr0n-blocking legislation receives Royal Assent • The Register – its unworkable and the precedent of widespread censorship is exceptionally worrying – at what point do you say there is a balance between individual freedom and protection from ‘organised crime’ paedophiles or children seeing something they shouldn’t (pick any two for a typical politician’s justification)

Protecting IP from bloggers and tweeters | Raconteur – hashtag trademarks


WSJ City – Back to the Chinese Boom Years in Luxury? Not Likely – new normal not boom times


Rave Happily Ever After at Disneyland Paris’s New EDM Festival – Thump – never thought I would see the day. It’s a great fit, but Disney are tough conservative brand guardians


Big Bother Is Watching | The Baffler – an anti-Slack polemic


Microsoft’s Wunderlist successor, To-Do, hits public preview | ZDNet – gutted that Wunderlist is being sunset as part of a plan to upsell users to Office365


ZTE Q1 profit surges on network, smartphone sales | total telecom – contrasts with Huawei’s performance

Web of no web

Tizen Developer Conference 2017 Set to Inspire IoT Innovation | Samsung – interesting that they think it’s lightweight enough to pitch at IoT. They’ll need to beef up the security, it does seem more promising than Android if smartwatches are anything to go by in terms of squeezing performance out of hardware whilst conserving battery life