Shikishima train + more news

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Shikishima train

Japan’s luxurious Shiki-shima sleeper train – in pictures | World news | The Guardian – Shikishima provides a distinctly Japanese take on the luxury of the Orient  Express. The Shikishima train experience is amazing in terms of both design and service. If I won the lottery it would You can find more about Japanese related topics here.


A viral video of a politician and his suitcase shows what’s wrong with male entitlement in Korea – Korean corporate culture is very conservative and hierarchical. Part of this comes from the Confucian underpinnings of Korean society. Part of it is down to have senior leaders having paid their dues and now feeling others need to give them the same respect. More on Korean related issues here.

Fairlight CMI

Bring Home a Classic Synth with the DIY Fairlight CMI – using the iPad emulation app. Its amazing to think how much computing power difference between a Fairlight and the iPad. The original Fairlight used a pen-screen interface. Its technology limitations gave it a distinctive sound. It is one of the things that gave Trevor Horne productions such a big sound. It is in stark contrast to current hyper-compressed productions.

VPMZ MOLOT factory

Fascinating video from a Russian gun manufacturing line shot at at the VPMZ MOLOT factory. The foundry looks more spectacular than someone going full belt with Adobe After-Effects. The design that goes into the products to enable mass production is fascinating


Scott Galloway on Amazon. While Galloway does hold Amazon stock, he is not backward about criticising the company. His video on how Amazon is dismantling retail, could equally apply to logistics firms like Fedex and cloud services and web hosting (notably Google Cloud). Scott has written about Amazon in more depth alongside a critique of Google, Facebook and Apple in his book The Four. More Amazon related content here.