Legend of Old McLanden & things from last week

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BMW’s X7 advert about the Legend of Old McLanden has been cited as a piece of feminist advertising. I won’t spoil it for you watch the clip and you’ll see why.

I think that its part of something different which has been less heralded: a return to craft in advertising. We’re starting to see a refocusing of marketing. Away from the shiny toys of ad tech and influencer networks back to advertising craft.

The Legend of Old McLanden would fit comfortably with the golden age of TV adverts and I think that’s a good thing for brand building. Especially when we usually only see this kind of thing during the Super Bowl.

I am a big fan of Visual Politik’s videos, but was unimpressed by this video on crypto currency. I get the attractiveness of a more decentralised internet, BUT I don’t buy into the cryptocurrency hype and believe that blockchain is at best a solution for niche problems.

The video reminds me a lot about the techno-utopian opinions of the early web, P2P technologies etc. It has value, but it isn’t likely to be transformative in the way its implied.

SK-II has a new instalment in its #changedestiny themed campaigns called ‘Meet Me Halfway’. This time they focused on the pressure that single Chinese women face during family gatherings for lunar new year.

It follows on the SK-II marriage market makeover campaign done in 2016. More beauty related content here.

Whilst many consumer brands have dashed into the influencer marketing space, it interesting that adidas have developed a contra-influencer content. It does

Diesel’s ‘Be A Follower’ campaign took a similar line to this latest Adidas campaign.