1 percent dominance + more things

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This is the proof that the 1 percent have been running the show for 800 years | Quartz – know your place serfs. Interesting long term research on the 1 percent. There is also research that shows that the descendants of Chinese landlords doing better. These would have been the pre-revolutionary 1 percent. This rise of Chinese landlords descendants occurred despite landlords being executed and their families persecuted in China during the Mao era. More economics related content here.

Rescuing gadgets from the golden age of ‘Made in Japan’ | The Japan Times – inspiring and deeply saddening at the same time

デザインアンダーグラウンド – ラジカセ・ヴィンテージ家電、オーディオの販売・修理 – Design Underground Factory restoring beautiful Made In Japan consumer electronics

South Korea puts cost of reunification with North Korea at US$500 billion | South China Morning Post – and I bet it would go up from there due to corruption and security issues

Recode Drops Comments | Recode – a blog without comments, also has implications for time on site, if I was an advertiser with them I would find this choice very curious

Beefed up iPhone crypto will lead to a child dying, DOJ warned Apple execs | Ars Technica – the problem is that this has been discredited by experts a number of times and they keep trotting it out

Technics To Launch FLAC Music Download Store Powered By 7Digital – hypebot – nice to see the name resurrected now about some decent pro-audio and DJ gear?

Huawei: KRYDER STORAGE CRISIS is REAL and ‘we’re working on it’ | The Register – is the cause of Kryder’s Law shrinkage a move to SSD and lack of investment in disk science?

Apple Releases Its Most Important Typeface In 20 Years | FastCompany – download the font, really nice

‘Qualcomm’s opportunities greater than challenges’ | RTHK – waiting for the second shoe to drop

Samsung will make far fewer phones next year | GigaOM – reducing SKUs, tidying up the brand and extensions. I guess this also means less risk, innovation and the decline of their successful ‘fast failure’ model

FB Techwire | Facebook – yet another way of wringing money out of businesses that do ‘over promotional’ posts

Opera’s app store will replace Nokia Store on feature phones | GigaOM  – and on Symbian handsets

Why Apple’s absurd valuation makes perfect sense | Quartz – it does seem insane to me….