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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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Asian FMCG gain ground on global brands in their home market | Kantar World Panel – MNCs losing out to own local Asian FMCG brands. Local Asian FMCG brands are more nimble and are closer to the customer. There is also a changing attitude to (western) MNCs – as consumer’s nationalistic sentiments in markets like China and India start to manifest itself in their shopping basket. More FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) related content here.

Alibaba just offered $3.6 billion to take over the YouTube of China | Quartz – it makes sense. Tencent has been challenging Alibaba in other areas and already has the QQ video platform. QQ however isn’t as big in terms of views as YouKu / Tudou. The most obvious opportunities around YouKu/Tudou for Alibaba are selling online media a la Amazon and (QQ Video in China) and social commerce with life video a la the Home Shopping Network – but done by influencers on their own channels

China’s big media challenge | Marketing Interactive – twice as many touch points required compared to just five years ago. A huge decline in media effectiveness

W+K Shanghai Gets Inspirational in New Tiffany’s Campaign | AdWeek – focus on confidence rather than status in a series of documentary type videos (paywall)

Getting LEAN with Digital Ad UX | IAB – Light Encrypted Ad choice supported Non invasive ads

Twitter now shows advertisers which ads perform better | VentureBeat – smart move by Twitter

TeliaSonera accused of making €1.8bn in corrupt payments | TotalTelecom – some interesting reading

China’s middle class has overtaken the US’s to become the world’s largest | Quartz – pure numbers

China’s `Big Three’ e-commerce platforms extend lead | Kantar China – interesting how JD comes out top in the benchmarking

Facebook Goes On Privacy Offensive in Europe | WSJ – (paywall)

Aspirationals: Who are they and why they matter to marketers | Marketing Interactive – positive about outlook so more likely to consume?