Cow repurposing institute + more stuff

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Cow repurposing institute for a low meat world

Redefine Meat are a brand that is competing in the meat alternative space from Beyond Meat to Quorn. Redefine Meat is plant based and has support of chef Marco Pierre White. The premise of the ad addresses a thorny question in a humorous way. What happens to the herds of livestock who would be no longer needed, if the world became a vegan utopia? Their solution is the cow repurposing institute – a job training centre for cattle. Of course, the likely solution will be much less vegan friendly.

The trailing edge chip shortage

Asianometry goes into the shortage of trailing edge process manufactured processors. These produce chips with a low cost per unit as the capital costs of the chips were covered years ago. Older foundries are running at very high utilisation rates. There is a problem trying to get hold of older equipment. Interesting point mentioned that MEMS are in particular demand due to the Ukraine invasion.

Skinner on Machiavelli

Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli is so well known his family name became a noun and and adjective to describe someone who was cunning. The Prince – his book on governance is cited by far more people than have actually read it. I liked this talk by historian Quentin Skinner on the man and his work. Skinner is from the Cambridge school of historians that seeks to contextualise the environment of historical figures (and so better understand their actions).

McDonalds goes ambient

This seems to be an ad that was commissioned for a Spanish speaking market, but I suspect that it might be a student piece of work. The craft is stunning. Given that McDonalds has worked hard to point out that its food is made from ‘real’ ingredients, this ad might be counterproductive – hence the reason why I think it might be a student project. It promotes McDonald’s range of McMuffin breakfast sandwiches.