Windows 8 + more news

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Windows 8

Windows 8 falls to 6.66% share as Windows 8.1 hits 2.64%, but combined the duo barely grows to 9.3% – PC platform maturation, touch lack of a compelling reason to upgrade? Windows 8 launched with security enhancements and a distinctive interface optimised for touch. Windows 8 represented a departure from previous versions in terms of user experience. Part of the issues of adoption is the age of PCs that Windows 8 supports


Cheap Central Bank Money Contributes to Dangerous Bubbles – SPIEGEL ONLINE – Spiegel predicting another crash

Nobel prize winning economist warns against US bubble

How Important are the MINT Countries to the Global Economy? – This acronym stands for Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Troubling Shortage of Men – Atlantic Mobile – from the little I have seen this is down to a two factors: Hong Kong has an aging population and the tension between tradition and western lifestyles. Many women are much more empowered and want more, by comparison men look for more traditional attributes in a woman


Social Business and the McKinsey 7S Model – not terribly surprising

BCG Index Documents The Power Of Brand Advocacy


Lessons on radical innovation from Bell Labs, the grandfather of inventiveness – why hard innovation no longer happens in the west

Graphene in Telecommunications | Ericsson Labs

Harvard Materials Scientists Invents 3D Printing Tech for BatteriesA materials scientist from Harvard University named Jennifer Lewis and her team have invented a new ink and printing process that allows or the manufacture of 3D printed batteries at room temperature. The scientists say that the tech is still at an early stage, but shows promise.


Korea Insights Data Download | InMobi – interesting report on Korean movie going habits (reg wall)


W Hotels: Social media done right | Rapt Cat – nice case study here based on the experience of Yi Chen


How the world will progressively look weirder to us – big data begats big noise

R Kelly sets up ‘Black Panties hotline’ to promote new albumCallers can sign up to receive eight messages a month from US R&B star – old school marketing channel

Bigger (Data) Is Not Always Better – In2

You lost the love…. are mobile operators the new banks in terms of branding


Xaxis and 24/7 Media make media buying platform behemoth – programmatic buying yada yada

Chinese authorities conduct unannounced inspections of Bloomberg News – Term Sheet – Bloomberg has made a right mess of things

Judge: MPAA can’t call Hotfile founders “pirates” or “thieves” at trial | Ars Technica

The fall (and rise?) of Yahoo!

Renren announces third quarter loss – reduced revenue from advertising and gaming, down some 5.6% year-on-year


Teenagers say goodbye to Facebook, adding street cred to WeChat – not terribly surprising, Facebook has had its weaknesses baked in from early on

Tom Daley uses social media to come out, and bypass media and PR | The Wall Blog


Mobile Shopping Trends in the UK – comScore, Inc

Black Friday 2013 Report – IBM – PDF

Could Social Media Storytelling Help Apparel Retailers Stave Off the Discounts This Christmas? – Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International


Techies vs. NSA: Encryption arms race escalates

New Linux worm targets routers, cameras etc


Yahoo Acquires Natural Language Processing Company SkyPhrase To Help Drive Intent Identification | TechCrunch

Secret Weapon in Mall Battle – – mobile applications

prosthetic knowledge — 252 Byte Demos of P01 Visual coding experiments… – inspirational

App Publish | Mobile Advertising – InMobi – simplified app store

Mac vs Chromebook: Google employees instructed to use OS X computers | BGR

Wolfram’s next thing – sentient applications


India probing Ericsson over essential patentsIndia’s antitrust regulator has launched a probe into Ericsson over allegations the company is making excessive royalty demands for standards-essential patents.


News: Mobile Trends to Keep In Mind | Monday Note – some nice slideware fodder

China To Account for 30% Global Smartphone Market in 2017 — China Internet Watch

Apple Gets “Significant Bounce” On 5c, 5s iPhones; Android Still Trumps With 71% Share Of All Sales (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)

Samsung’s ads are working, but not as well as it wants – Relentless advertising has helped Samsung take top spot in the global smartphone market, but it’s also given the company another title: it’s one of the biggest ad spenders around

Samsung execs to discuss ‘crisis awareness’ at huge company meeting.Samsung’s management team is meeting from December 17th through the 20th to discuss its plans for the next year, and one of the main topics is “crisis awareness,” ZDNet reported. – PR opportunity?