The Zetas & other news

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The Zetas radio network

Radio Tecnico: How The Zetas Cartel Took Over Mexico With Walkie-Talkies | Popular Science – the scale and sophistication of this network was impressive. The Zetas was formed by a group of Mexican special forces operators who deserted who set up as a murder for hire for the Gulf Cartel in Mexico. Their numbers have been expanded from the civilian population. The Zetas broke away to form their own organisation in 2010.

Consumer behaviour

Kids still getting too much screen time, experts say – CBS News – we heard the same things about TV before I was born and all the way through my childhood

Resonance | The four archetypes of Chinese shoppers. – Checkout China research

How Working on Multiple Screens Can Actually Help You Focus | WIRED – contextual usage. More related content here.


Classic Song ‘Stems’ Inspire Remixes – WSJ – great to see Luxxury getting some respect. Previously this level of access was limited to DJ pools like DMC in the UK (paywall)


Kantar: Chinese Consumer Goods Companies Take Share from Foreign Companies | China Internet Watch – interesting to see how western CPG companies like P&G and Unilever are losing ground in China


Minds and Machines | Information Processing – the singularity is a long way off


CITIZEN EVIDENCE LAB | Turning Citizen Media Into Citizen Evidence: Authentication Techniques For Human Rights Researchers – interesting experience in media literacy and tips on spotting fake content that goes beyond Amnesty’s worthy if narrow purpose


Juicy Couture Seeks Greener Pastures In Asia | Jing Daily – shuttering US stores and opening up mainland ones. Are Chinese tourists not buying mid-market luxury in the US?

Chow Tai Fook builds loyalty through electronic stamps | Marketing Interactive – kind of, but not Tesco Clubcard for jewellery


Li & Fung spin-off Global Brands wants China brands to compete globally | SCMP – (paywall)

From the editor-in-chief: The death of PR agencies – as we know them | PR Week – no real surprises


Tablet Magazine Ads Seen Garnering Recall Levels on Par With Print – but the reach of tablets is still lower

Disney Picks 11 Tech and Media Firms for Startup-Accelerator Program | Variety – following other consumer brands like Unilever, Mondelez and PepsiCo

MediaPost Publications Marketers Still Not Sold On Native Advertising 07/08/2014 – measurement and effectiveness

Can Social Media Spending Fit Into a Simple ROI Formula? | SearchEngineJournal – looking at this data social web marketing isn’t working that well anymore

Why the abysmal Transformers sequel is about to become China’s top grossing film of all time – Quartz – basically relevance

BBC Academy – Journalism – great set of resources from the BBC


360 Search Gaining Over 28% Market Share | ChinaInternetWatch – interesting that 360 is putting up a credible challenge to Baidu


VIA’s new Isaiah x86/ARM hybrid CPU outperforms Intel in benchmarks – but will it ever come to market? | ExtremeTech – it reminds me of the hype around Transmeta back in the day

Metcalfe’s Law is Wrong – IEEE Spectrum – interesting essay

Backlash stirs in US against foreign worker visas – looks like the tech industry’s dirty little secret could come home to roost

Web of no web

Bits Blog: Intel, Qualcomm and Others Compete for ‘Internet of Things’ Standard | New York Times – the problem will be Qualcomm’s take on intellectual property would be incompatible with the price point of ‘internet of things’ things


China operators form €1.2bn tower-sharing venture | TotalTelecom – smart move, though probably not as profitable for Huawei and ZTE as it could have been..

Ben Thompson: ‘Smartphone Truths and Samsung’s Inevitable Decline’ | Stratechery – whilst there is an obvious analogue with the PC which benefited only Microsoft and Intel respectively, Samsung’s scale puts it in a slightly different place

Huawei D3 could be the world’s first flagship clone! | – interesting assertion, particularly as Huawei is positioning itself as innovative. Also interesting that it was copying HTC

Samsung Finds It Costly to Keep Up with China – Businessweek – Chinese firms treading on their turf