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Tobacco giant JTI placing stealth adverts for its brands on Facebook and Instagram — The Bureau of Investigative Journalism – some of this stuff by JTI is pretty fiendishly clever in strategy and execution. I would have expected to be done by the likes of JTI in emerging markets and Eastern Europe rather than Germany. More related content here.


China’s soft power in Europe: falling on hard times | Merics 

Revealed: residency loophole in Malta’s cash-for-passports scheme | Malta | The GuardianHenley’s files reveal that in the early years of the scheme, many applicants told the government upfront that they planned to develop only the most superficial links to the country, with most disclosing that they planned to spend just a few weeks in Malta during the supposed 12-month residency period

US Sanctions Help Crack Malaysian Crime Ring — Radio Free Asia“This continues a pattern of overseas Chinese actors trying to paper over illegal criminal activities by framing their actions in terms of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the China Dream, or other major initiatives of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party],” the government agency said, referring to China’s ambitious program of building a modern-day Silk Road through a network of infrastructure projects stretching through Southeast Asia, South Asia and elsewhere.

Hong Kong

Wells Fargo plans to shift Asian hub from Hong Kong to Singapore | Financial Times – The plan would involve slowly building up Singapore as Wells Fargo’s Asian hub through a mixture of new hires and redundancies in Hong Kong, according to four people with knowledge of the matter. It would still maintain a presence in the territory. One former employee said the plan was dubbed internally “project sun”.


Social CRM in China: Inciting Engagement, Gaining Meaningful User Insights 

Longchamp CEO Jean Cassegrain: “We Need To Continue To Stay Relevant.” 

The mystery mansion near Calgary that has everyone talking – Macleans.caClass is something polite Canadians avoid discussing. We think of our country as comparatively classless, and we manage the cognitive dissonance presented by the haves and have-nots of housing by requiring our rich people to keep quiet. They should wear clothes that are well-cut and well-designed, but not flash. Buy the multi-millionaire’s car, but paint it in a sedate hue. Wealthy neighbourhoods should feature winding streets with mature trees and large lots, the better to conceal the true size of the homes built upon them

Inside the ‘digital cleanse’ companies taking on cancel culture | Financial TimesFormer Sainsbury’s boss Justin King, one of The Marque’s clients, tells me that part of the appeal of having an SEO-optimised profile was that he was sick of people looking him up on Wikipedia and emailing him to ask if he was the guy who took away the Christmas bonus. “Forever, my Wikipedia profile will tell you that I’m Scrooge,” he says. “The idea that you could keep a single source of truth in one place – my truth about me and what I do – was very appealing.” – the idea of SEO as a ‘luxury’ good is interesting. More related content here.


Facebook advertising chief worried about whether it overstated reach | Financial Times – “We are going to get really criticized for that (and justifiably so),” she said. “If we overstated how many actual real people we have in certain demos, there is no question that impacted budget allocations. We have to prepare for the worst here.” Two months ago, other documents in the case revealed that the Facebook product manager in charge of the reach metric said in an internal email that the company had made “revenue we should have never made given the fact [the metric is] based on wrong data


Daily Mail owner sues Google over search results – BBC News 


Facebook PR Memo: Company to Downplay ‘Scraping’ Data Leaks 


How to access a Mac remotely to help friends or family members | Macworld 

MANUZOID – every manual you could imagine online