East Asian beauty standards + more things

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East Asian beauty standards

YouTuber aini does good videos that analyse sociological and cultural subjects, so a video on East Asian beauty standards was inevitable. East Asian beauty standards are even more important now due to the cultural impact that they have:

  • Korean and Japanese beauty products that have become popular from BB cream to SK-II
  • Filter / camera effects mobile apps – you can see their influence looking at how Cardi B does her make-up
  • Soft power assets: Hallyu and anime popularity – it affects the aesthetics of this content


Huawei building automotive ecosystem without making its own carsHuawei will not build cars on its own, but will continue to strengthen its automotive ecosystem alliance and platform, integrating R&D efforts of related carmakers to provide diverse resources of smart systems, software, chips and other aspects – interesting profile by Taiwanese technology news outlet DigiTimes

Samsung, SK Hynix might not be able to produce next-gen memory in China in 3-5 years, warns expert | DigiTimes 

Consumer behaviour

Interesting insight into 1960s and beyond consumer behaviour.


People only want their technology to do three things – Terence Eden’s Blog 


Post Post Corona | No Mercy / No Malice 

Millenials just as rich as their parents | Quartz – claims about unequal distribution of that wealth though


GM Patents Self-Cleaning Touch Screen That Erases Fingerprints | Extreme Tech 


China no longer viable as world’s factory, says Kyocera | Financial Times – Japanese manufacturing benefits

Interesting that proposes that cyberpunk owes as much to Japanese psyche during late bubble Japanese miracle culture as opposed to the writings of American authors Bruce Sterling and William Gibson. It reflects angst, consumerism and accelerated technology.


Chairs, towels and GPS devices: where’s the line for analyst event swag? – GigaOm – swag has been a lot harder to get into budgets over the years


Matty Healy: Check Your Privilege on ‘Gross’ Meet-and-Greets (Opinion) – Variety – ignore the title its an interesting exploration in the economics of music

Guide to magazines doing advertising behind a paywall – Baekdal Plus 


A Unique Identification Number for Every European Citizen – Verfassungsblog 

John Battelle’s Search Blog Is Google Truly F*cked? 


Joyconomy retail | WundermanThompson Intelligence 


Cybersecurity Label for U.S. Coming as Early as April – EE Times600-plus companies that have joined the ioXt Alliance to help it build confidence in Internet of Things products will be among the first to experience the national cybersecurity label NIST is developing for consumer Internet of Things (IoT) products and consumer software products—as soon as April

Why The Chinese Balloon Was a Necessary Wake-Up CallRecent events have shown that terrorism is not the only threat to the U.S. homeland. Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine shattered not only the 75-year peace in Europe but also Americans’ sense of security, particularly when the Kremlin has threatened nuclear escalation. Relations with Beijing have also deteriorated to a 40-year low, punctuated by the threat of Chinese aggression against Taiwan and other regional allies and covert activities within the United States

The War in Ukraine: China Is Reportedly Negotiating with Russia To Supply Kamikaze Drones – DER SPIEGEL 

ASML admits Chinese data theft may have broken export controls | EE Times 


Li Ning in China: leveraging national confidence to win young Chinese consumers 


Chinese chip companies cement IP defence by aggressive patent filings | DigiTimes and China dominates semiconductor patent activity | EE Times 

Paragraf opens second UK graphene electronics manufacturing site | EE Times